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General : First Group Of Malaysian Haj Pilgrims Arrive Home Tomorrow

November 11, 2011 14:41 PM

First Group Of Malaysian Haj Pilgrims Arrive Home Tomorrow

From Abdul Aziz Harun

MECCA, Nov 11 (Bernama) — The first group of Malaysian haj pilgrims will leave home from the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Jeddah at 7.25am (local time) on Saturday and scheduled to arrive at the KL International Airport (KLIA) at 9.25pm (Malaysian time).

Head of the Malaysian haj delegation, Datuk Syed Salleh Syed Abdul Rahman, said the first group of pilgrims from Mecca would leave for Medina on Nov 16 and fly home on Nov 27.

He said 33 per cent of the Malaysian haj pilgrims would fly home from Prince Mohammad International Airport in Medina, and the remaining through Jeddah.

“The last flight from the holy land is on Dec 10 and will arrive home the following day,” he told the Tabung Haji media group here.

On the management of the haj pilgrims, Syed Salleh said everything went smoothly according to plan.

There were some delays here and there, but there were expected, he added.

He also said the number of pilgrims falling sick during this year’s pilgrimage was less than in previous years and attributed this to better awareness among the pilgrims to take better care of their health and hygiene.

In terms of service, Syed Salleh said the implementation of several programmes by Tabung Haji, like the “Sahabat Ibadah Tabung Haji” and the programme for senior citizens, were effective in helping the pilgrims to perform their pilgrimage smoothly.

He also thanked the media for their assistance in disseminating information which also helped to ensure a smooth pilgrimage for the pilgrims.


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